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Detailed parameters

 MECUN Grounding Pad series is one of electrosurgical series products which produced by Shenzhen MECUN Medical Supplies Co., LTD through introducing of foreign advanced technology, widely used in various electro-surgeries. MECUN Grounding Pad has excellent anti-allergic and conductivity, it would not have any stimulation to the young and tender skin, superior conductive capability, products are independent single-chip packaging, applies to adults, children, infants, unipolar, bipolar, with line, non-line, complete specification, and provide a variety of specifications connector, compatible and applied with domestic and foreign various brands of high-frequency electrosurgical pen.
MECUN Grounding Pad series comply with various international safety standards, are well reviewed in all users of domestic and foreign medical institutions, perfect product, made by MEICUN MECUN will continue to provide more quality products and services to meet your needs.


Product Description

【PRODUCT NAME】Disposable Grounding pad, Bipolar, Pre-wire


● Conductive adhesive and foam is reasonable designed to prevent the burn to patient caused by the warping of the grounding pad.
● Strong adhesion and excellent conductivity. Non-irritating,residue free, easily remove. Imported resilient conductive adhesive provided strong adhesion without skin damaged when remove.
● More safer than Monopolar type.The high frequency electrosurgical unit will stop working if the resistance exceed a certain degree or short circuit when use with the bipolar grounding pad .
● Anti-shedding design for the conductive adhesive and aluminum foil allow long time using.
● Soft and comfortable.The thickness of conductive adhesive is equal and without bubble in it.
● Aluminum foil packages for safety storage.




Adult Bipolar With 3M lead wire
Model: MA2000W-AB
1 pc/pouch, 200pcs/carton


Pediatric Bipolar With 3M lead wire
Model: MA2000W-PB
1 pc/pouch, 200pcs/carton


Infant Bipolar With 3M lead wire
Model: MA2000W-IB
1 pc/pouch, 200pcs/carton



1. Non-wired (without lead wire) is available.
2. Monopolar(non-split) is available.
3. HIFI and REM plug available for choose.