ECG monitoring Accessories Series

Application Departments:

    ECG Monitoring Cables & Lead Wires



    Fully compatible with OEM Trunk cable or devices, no extra adapter needed.

    Separable ribboned cable for convenient use and patient comfort.

    Legible lable for easy connection.

    NIBP cuff


    Single tube and double tube available

    Different specifications available to fit for adult, pediatric and infant

    Various cuff connectors to fit major brands monitoring systems

    Latex free

    Disposable NIBP CUFF

    Size optional:Adult, Large Adult, Pediatric, Infant, Neonate, Thigh

    Reusable NIBP CUFF

    Size optional: Adult (Double tube), Adult (Single tube), Infant (Double tube), Infant (Single tube), Pediatric (Double tube), Neonate (Double tube)

    NIBP Air Hose