Diposable Microdissection Needle Series

Application Departments: General Surgery、Neurosurgery、Cardiothoracic Surgery、Urology、Breast Surgery、Hepatobiliary Surgery、 Organ transplant surgery、Anorectal Surgery、Plastic Surgery、Stomatology Department

    Disposable Microdissection Needles

  • Disposable Microdissection Needles


    Diameter less than 5 micron and length 3mm tip creates high current density at low power settings, fine cutting reduce injury and operative complication;

    Less smoke which can reduce impair health of doctor, clear surgical field vision, Greatly shortens operation time;

    The fine and smooth tungsten tips can reduce tissue adhesion more effectively, optional length and angles for the needle.

    Insulated coating can avoid excess damage in separating deep tissue.

    High melting point of needle(greater than 3400℃) which can keep sharp during surgery, fat rich parts can also be cutted easily.

    Less trauma and less scar of surgical parts compare with traditional surgery. 

    Diposable ESU pencil with Microdissection Needle

  • Diposable ESU pencil with Microdissection Needle

    Diposable ESU pencil with Telescoping Microdissection Needle

  • Diposable ESU pencil with Telescoping Microdissection Needle


    Adjustable length which is convenient for operation, it doesn’t need to replace

    different length needle, any depth can be used.