Diposable ESU Pencil And Accessories Series

Application Departments:General Surgery Departments

    Disposable Standard Electrosurgical Pencil Series

  • Disposable Standard Electrosurgical Pencil Series


    High quality. Prevent the entry of liquid, which more safety. Suitable for all surgical procedures.

    High Voltage Resistance

  • Disposable Standard Electrosurgical Pencil Series


    Suitable for all surgical procedures.

    High quality design.

    Disposable Telescoping Eletrosurgical Pencil

  • Disposable Telescoping Eletrosurgical Pencil


    4.5-14cm telescoping range is available.

    Adjustable length, convenient for operation, doesn't need to replace different length needle, any depth can be used.

Application Departments:General Surgery Department, Hepatobiliary Surgery Department , Anorectal Surgery Department

    Disposable Smoke Evacuation & Suction ESU Pencil

  • Disposable Smoke Evacuation and Suction ESU Pencil


    Four-in-one function: Cut, Coagulation, Smoke Evacuation, Suction

    Keep clear sight for operation, and more convenient.

    Suction Pipe optional: 2.5cm,7.5cm,15cm

  • Disposable Smoke Evacuation and Suction ESU Pencil


    Optional Non-stick Coated Electrode

    It combines electro coagulation, electro cutting, peeling, scraping and suctioning function, real-time evacuate smoke during operation.

    The electrode can be retracted, real-time absorb liquid and suck waste tissues during operation.

Application Departments:Neurosurgery Department, Hepatobiliary Surgery Department, Anorectal Surgery Department

    Disposable LED-light ESU pencil

  • MD1000Z


    Optional telescoping electrode, standard range 4.5-15cm.

    Optional disposable Microdissection Needle.

    Clear surgical field vision, it is very suitable for deep surgery, especially for the parts which cannot be seen clearly under shadowless lamp.

    The battery of LED light can last 10 hours continuously.

Application Departments:Neurosurgery, E.N.T department

    Disposable Drainage Tube Type ESU Pencil

  • MD1000Z


    Suitable for Otolaryngology, Oral and Esophageal surgery.

    Advantages: The drainage tube can be inserted directly during operation, excess tissues can be removed easily, while smoke and waste liquid can be sucked away at the same time; Optional hook shape electrode, which can cut the tissue and suck it out; Less trauma, quick recovery.

    Suitable for Neurosurgery (Pituitary Adenoma Resection).

    Advantages: Soft and flexible drainage tube enters deep area without damaging nerves or other tissues; Fast cutting, controllable suction, more precise removal of excess tissue; Greatly shortens the operation and hospitalization time, also reduce the pain of patients and provide high quality of operation.

    The electrode can be bended to different angles, more convenient for the operation.

ESU Pencil Accessories

    Disposable ESU pencil cleaning pad

  • MD1000-1


    4.8*4.8cm, 4.8*2.4cm, 5.0*5.0cm, 5.0*2.5cm

    Clean scorched tissue quickly and effectively

    improve the efficiency of electro coagulation and cutting.

    ESU Pencil Holster

  • MD1000-2